CodeX Icons v0.2.0

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The package CodeX Icons is constantly updated with new items. Several icons have been added recently for social networks, typography, navigation and tools for the Editor.js.

We also created a module for convenient work with icons in the Nuxt ecosystem.

Content overview

Let's see what icons are currently in the pack. I have sorted them into categories for your convenience.

You can click on the icon to copy its name.


Objects and tools

Interface аctions

There are even special icons for working with tables. They are needed in order to indicate where to add a new column or row.

Social networks

A small list of icons for social networks.


Bookmark the repository with the ⭐️ button so you don't lose it.

Follow the instructions in the description to install and start using the package.

Feel free to ask a new icon in issues.


I want to thank everyone who uses icons in their projects. Thank you for your support and trust.

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Stay tuned.