CodeX is a team of passionate engineers and designers, unifying students, graduates, and other young specialists around the world interested in making high-quality open-source projects and getting a priceless experience of making full-valued products on a global market.

Our goal is to make a team with fire in the eyes and idealistic tempers.

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Open-source projects and some technologic experiments in Media, Social Networks, Education, Augmented Reality and Medicine
API-oriented, block-styled editor for Media. Generates useful JSON-output with clear data.
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Fast and lightweight errors tracking service. Catchers for JavaScript, Python, PHP, Node.js, Swift, Java Android, Kotlin, Scala are available. by CodeX Team
CodeX Notes
Simple, fast and useful crossplatform notes application based on Editor.js and Electron
CodeX Notes by CodeX Team
Cloud service for image storage and delivery. Upload files and accept image-filters on the fly with the simple API
Capella by CodeX Team
CodeX Media
Open platfrom for building UGC-media
  • Community around your business
  • Platform for content marketing
  • Own media project
CodeX Media by CodeX Team
AR Tester
Test your site’s layout on the devices in Augmented Reality
Watch Video
ARKit requires Apple A9 and A10 processor, so application is avaliable for iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPad Pro and newer devices with iOS11
AR Teser by CodeX Team
Available on the AppStore
Create web-links for opening native applications
Get a link to image for any Telegram sticker.
Telegram Bot JavaScript
Capella for macOS
Make screenshots that will be instantly uploaded to the cloud
app for macOS Screenshot
Email provider detector
Detect Provider's Service name by email address
CodeX Shortcuts
Micro-library for dispatching keyboard shortcuts in Javascript.
Module Dispatcher
Class for frontend Modules initialization from the DOM without inline scripts.
Webpack Build Config
Smart frontend build config with syntax linters, code style checker and other helpful stuff based on our experience.
JavaScript Webpack CSS
SSL certs expire date checker
Python script for checking domain certificate’s expire date. Sends notifications to the Telegram or Slack when day X is coming.
Python SSL
Kohana Aliases
No more /user/<id> or /article/<id> addresses. Meet cool routing system for URLs like /alex or /pokemon-go for different resources.
PHP Kohana Framework
HTML Slacker
Converts HTML to Slack formatted markdown.
Python Slack Available in PyPI
Deploy Server
Deploy your project automatically when git branch was updated.
JS Notifier
Lightweight notifications and alerts module for websites.
CodeX Special
Module for making high-contrast version of websites. Simple usage.
AJAX Helper
Library for working with async-aware requests.


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