Join CodeX

CodeX is a coding club. It gathers passionate people interested in web-development, design, and learning new technologies at practice.

We create and launch full-featured products on the Internet. Once a year we open our doors for new people.

Who are we looking for

It would be a pleasure to become acquainted if you want to learn one of the following categories or all of them.


We don't study the basics. Everyone is learning technologies by himself. In a team, we apply and develop acquired skills on real tasks at our projects. Hence the first requirement:

We work much, sleep a little. That's not quite easy, second requirement:

The key factor is your enthusiasm. In exchange, you will get a huge amount of experience, new skills, interesting and hard projects, an opportunity to take part in creating and launching world market products.

To apply, enter email, so we can contact you, and fill a little form. Also, please write where are you from.