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Why donate

Donations to open-source products have several advantages for your business:

  1. If your business relies on some of our products, you'll probably want these products to be maintained
  2. It helps products you rely on to evolve and get the new features
  3. We can support contributors and the community around the project. You'll receive well organized docs, guides, etc.
  4. We need to pay for our infrastructure and maintain public resources (domain names, homepages, docs, etc). Supporting it guarantees you to access any resources at the time you need them.
  5. You can advertise by adding your brand assets and mentions on our public resources

This page describes different ways how you can donate to CodeX Team.


This is the preferred donation method because it has minimal fees. 

Bitcoin (BTC)


Ethereum (ETH and other EVM-compatible chains)




Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

Another way to donate is using an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name: codex-team.eth

To donate using an ENS name, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet that supports ENS (such as 1inch, MetaMask, or others). Once you have a compatible wallet, you can use the ENS name as the recipient address instead of the long hexadecimal addresses.


OpenCollective — is a legal and financial platform for fundraising and money management of communities.

Making a donation to the Editor.js project on OpenCollective is a simple and straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps:

  1. Open
  2. Pick up the best amount/period pair for you and click Contribute
  3. Complete the required fields
  4. Select the payment method you prefer
  5. Review details and confirm


We also have Editor.js project page on Patreon. You can easily subscribe for one of two membership levels. To do this, you need to log into your account, select the desired plan and confirm the payment.

Need something special?

Hire CodeX experts to resolve technical challenges and match your product requirements. 

  1. Resolve a problem that has high value for you
  2. Implement a new feature required by your business
  3. Help with integration or tool development
  4. Provide any consultation

Contact us via [email protected] with your details.