Lab renovation process

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Almost 4 month of hard work, experiments, ideas and fun.

There will be a lot of photos in the article.

Feb 24 — Start

The first step of our journey is to completely remove the old ceiling.

Mar 4

Then we need to remove all electricity cables.

Mar 11

Let's start aligning the walls and prepare the ceil for painting.

Mar 17

We started painting the ceiling.

Mar 20

Finished the first coat of paint.

Mar 24


Mar 30

We now have a compressor — almost universal tool for repairing.

Apr 6

Removing the old glass and finish walls.

Apr 8

Second paint layer for the ceil.

Apr 13

The ceil is finished.

Apr 15

Before painting the walls, we will make the floor. Therefore, we remove everything from the floor.

Apr 16

Floorboard scrapping, polishing, varnishing. We have no tools then call for masters.

Apr 20

Prepare for painting walls.

Apr 22


Apr 27

The design project requires the installation of a pair of columns.

Apr 29

Сolumn plastering.

May 4

Column painting and decoration.

May 6

Buying light.

May 8

Slat wall, elements painting and light testing. 

May 9

Slat wall again.

May 10

Coffee table and kitchen.

May 11

Light and electricity.

May 12

More light and electricity.

May 13


May 14 — Release

Come visit us.