SSD upgrade on MacBook Pro 2014

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Old Macs are still good for a work. You can easily change a battery or upgrade a storage. In some older version you can even upgrade a RAM or use the second one hard drive.

But in this story I am going to show you how to change the SSD. 256 GB for photo and video editing is not enough. So I decided to install a new 1 TB.

10 screws at the bottom case, detach the battery and we can remove the SSD.

Original SSD in MacBook Pro 2014

My Mac has an uncommon SSD connector with 12+18 pins. So I need an adapter from M.2. You can find the same by "ssd m2 to macbook" search phrase. Check compatibility with your computer.

As a storage I decided to use 970 EVO Plus because it's reliability by customers feedback and ratings.

Comparison M.2 SSD with adapter and the original SSD for MacBook

Install the adapter first carefully. It should placed deep as possible. 

SSD M.2 adapter to 12+18 pin

And the last step is installing the SSD itself.

New installed SSD with adapter

Cool. Now we can boot MacBook in recovery mode from a USB flash drive or internet and install the macOS. You can use internet recovery to do the same.

Choose the drive to install macOS Big Sur

Everything is ok. 

Storage panel on a fresh new macOS install with 1 TB drive

This drive works almost twice as fast.

Before the replace original Mac SSD
After replacing with a new SSD 970 EVO Plus